How to prepare? The best way to have a great session is to come fed, rested and happy.  Make sure you plan plenty of time to get ready, fill the car with gas, etc., so we can get started on time.

What should I wear? The outfits do not need to match, but should be complimentary. Wear layers. Ladies, what can I say, wear heels. When getting individual pictures, wear what describes the person best. For example, a cheerful child in bright, colorful clothes.

What should I do if my kids are misbehaving? As parents we understand the impulse to always teach our kids to behave.  When we are on site for the shoot, we usually ask you to leave the disciplining to us.  Usually, we’ll get more natural smiles and have more fun if the kids aren’t in “time out.”

When will I receive pictures? After the session, it will take 2-3 weeks to get the images ready for you. Then we will upload the pictures to the client site. From there you can choose what pictures you want printed or if you want to buy the digital images on CD or for download.

Copyright CD and/or Digital Downloads: Purchasing the CD or Digital Downloads gives you the right to print pictures (a professional studio is highly recommended), and/or to publish online with credit given to My Life Images.

How to book a wedding or quinceañera? Give us a call or email us and we’ll get it on our calendar.  We will need a 50% deposit to lock in the date. That can be paid online with Paypal or credit card, or by mail or in person with cash, check or card.  Let us know when you are ready to pay and we’ll email you the details.

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