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Gibbons Family.

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane shall we…growing up getting family photos was a ginormous affair.  Such an occasion only happened every blue moon (you know photography was a little different back in the 50s when I was growing up).  Attempting to locate, buy, arrange and plan coordinating outfits for a family of 8 was an entire weeks, or maybe even two, long process.  Picture day was spent fighting over sibling hierarchy and who was fortuitous enough to shower first before the small traces of hot water disappeared (yep, it was cold showers for me), mom darting around the house begging people to expeditiously get ready all the while looking as though she was on the verge of a mental break down in a matter of mere moments, fingertips singed off from rolling hot curlers and globs and globs of hairspray to ensure that for those few brief moments of “saying cheese” my 80s rockin’ puffed up mane didn’t move one half centimeter.

The sound of our clanking mini-van was all that could be heard on the drive to the studio with 8 individuals all harboring their own annoyances with each other, to only then smile and pretend all was well in Zion for a few brief moments in time.  Yep, getting family photos was a grand affair growing up…maybe that’s why we only have a few of them.  While I know not every family picture day prep resembles or compares to my own, it’s hard not to think about and laugh at the whole experience.  So I have to give tremendous shout outs to this awesome family who gets their family photos taken every year without fail…and they make the whole darn thing look so effortless!  I’d be interested in hearing their picture day memories.


Little Miss Dixie.

I’ve gotta say one of the perks of being a photographer is being a part of families as they grow.  We’ve had the opportunity to not only take engagement, bridals and wedding photos for this couple but had the sweet privilege of doing a one year photo session with their leading lady Dixie.  She’s quite the charmer, whose completely in love with her pink moccasins and will try and do everything in her power to convince you she can walk on her own.  From her baby blues, to that cute little tongue sticking out while she smiles …this little lady will win you over with one look.


Lacross family

Second time is the charm for this little lady.  After a quick first session, we opted to try again for number two and bam…this lady was posed for picture taking.  Um, can I just say how adorable that little hat is…reminds me of Madeline from the childrens books as she walked the streets of Paris.  Love it!

Tooting my own cuties.

That’s right ladies and gents, this little creature of mine turned a year on me already.  It’s funny how little people think it’s okay to do that…to grow up before momma can make sense of or is even okay with the idea.  So while I’m behind the scenes crying (in a good sort of way), this handsome fella of mine was a natural born poser for me.  We love this little dude…seriously I could just eat those chubby cake covered cheeks of his right up!

Alright…I’m done tooting my own cuteness, enjoy these little naked belly beauties.


Lopez family.

Why didn’t I look this stinking tiny when I was about ready to pop out number 2…I mean really people.  What would it have been like to have had a little basketball tummy instead of sporting basketballs on my hips, thighs, cheeks and every other body crevice all while simultaneously mastering that horrifyingly unattractive pregnancy waddle.  I was most definitely not a picture of pregnancy elegance or grace by any stretch of the imagination as this mommy seems to pull off seamlessly.

Despite my growing jealously over here, I loved spending the day with this cute little family before they welcome their little man.  Can’t wait to meet the wee gentleman this month!
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