I’d like to think I live in the present…though truthfully, some days it almost feels hard not too.  I scurry around the house in pure mommy survival mode hoping quite simply to make it through the day wearing the same outfit I started off with.  My calendar blinders are up, thus forcing me to not peek too far ahead for fear my under slept body will just crumble at the bottom of the now extended list of things to do, with even planning what’s for dinner to be considered looking too far into the future.  Yep, I’d like to say I live in the present.  But admittedly…every once in a while you have a “throwback Thursday” of sorts where, for a moment, you get to relieve the glory days.

Gymnastics equals the glory days.  The days when I could turn, twist and flip my little self in the most ridiculous sort of ways and not immediately think “I’m gonna feel this tomorrow” or leave me quickly reaching for an ice pack to ease my now achy woes.  So it was extra sorts of fun for me to work with lovely ladies over at Tooele Gymnastics Academy and have a little throwback of my own.

Um, hello…adorable!  Look at this little ladies bob! I could seriously eat this one up!

Thanks, I had a blast spending the day with you!