Scroll down to see what to expect working with us before, during and after picture day for your league or team. What makes it great, is that we give 5% of the profits back to the team, so working with us makes it into a fundraiser for your team. See this link “Order Form” for a copy of the order form that we use with teams and leagues to see that our prices are economical for parents.

We work closely with the head coach or the person in charge of the league to schedule a day that is most convenient for your teams. When we shoot a league, we will look at the day’s game schedule to schedule the teams before or after their games, so the photos don’t interfere with the games or warm-up time.

We bring in several staff and we base the number of staff on how big your team or league is. For example, if we are shooting a little league baseball league, we’ll bring in several photographers, staff to collect orders and staff to organize teams. We then photograph the teams, one (or more) photographer shooting individuals and one (or more) shooting teams. We have the staff and equipment to photograph any size of league

After the shoot: We will have the prints, discs, products, and digital downloads in the coaches and/or players hands within 2-3 weeks. Our prints and products (have a link here to the product page) are all done on museum archival quality photo paper, thus the quality is superb, the best in the business. One of our main goals is to make the process as easy as possible for the coach and not waste facility or practice time.